Experience You Can Trust
Family First Dental provides excellence in family dentistry, as well as distinction in cosmetic, implant and sedation dental treatment. Regardless of the treatment, you can trust our Family First Dental team to be totally committed to ensuring your dental needs are met with excellence you can trust and tell others about. The doctors and team at Family First Dental have been a “Tri-Cities Tradition of Trusted Care” for more than 25 years!

Family Dentistry
Family First Dental understands that kids and adults come to the dentist for different needs and priorities, and we meet them all. Kids want to be treated with respect, kindness and comfort. Adults want the latest technology, the best doctor and the very highest quality care. That’s why the team at Family First Dental are specialists at meeting the needs of both children and adults – making each person’s dental experience exceed expectations.

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Preventative Dentistry
Numerous tools are used in the fight against dental decay and tooth loss. These include regular professional cleanings from one of our hygienists, sealants, sport guards, night guards and patient/parent education.

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Sealants and Fluoride Treatments—an Ounce of Prevention!
Tooth decay, or what we commonly call “cavities” can be a significant challenge for children and adults – and if left untreated can lead to more serious dental concerns that can be painful before they are treated, costly to correct and time consuming. Many factors contribute to tooth decay and there are numerous ways to prevent it. Family First Dental offers sealants and fluoride treatments to help prevent tooth decay – and this all leads to a happy mouth and happy patient! Our dentists all place special emphasis on sealants, which are very effective in preventing tooth decay on the biting surfaces of chewing teeth. Sealants are a clear or tooth colored plastic coating that is applied to grooves and deep pits. The sealant fills the areas where decay most likely occurs. Sealants don’t require anesthetic or drilling. Sealants and fluoride are some of the most important preventative services we offer.

Sedation Dentistry
Many patients are pleased to hear that their dental needs can be met while they are mildly sedated or even sleeping! Thanks to the latest advancements in sedation dentistry, patients no longer need to experience the discomfort or inconvenience that can accompany multiple or lengthy dental procedures. Because of the comprehensive training of our dentists, we are almost always able to provide all the dental care a patient might need while mildly sedated; from root canals to crowns, deep cleanings to implants, extractions to fillings. When taking these medications, it is necessary to have someone bring you safely to the office and take you home and monitor your recovery when the treatment is complete.

Our ability to provide this care is of great benefit because more is accomplished in fewer visits and rarely does one have to go to another office for treatment. Often, our patients can have their mouths restored to health and beauty in as few as two to three visits! Such services are also helpful to patients who, for whatever reason, are unable to cooperate for dental treatment. Sedation dentistry can keep your loved one or friend chewing without pain, free from infection, and smiling comfortably.

For patients who do not need a deep level of sedation, we are also a licensed provider of nitrous oxide. Whether you are getting your teeth cleaned or a root canal done, nitrous oxide can be a simple means to help you relax while your treatment is provided.

Talk with your dentist today about these forms of relaxation available for your comfort. Your dentist will be able to help you decide which method will be of greatest benefit to you. If you know someone who would benefit from this form of treatment, someone who hasn’t had dental care for many years because of their fears or can’t have dentistry in the conventional manner, please tell them today of this service available to them.

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Nitrous Oxide – to help patients relax
Breathing Nitrous Oxide is a very helpful means for relaxation during dental treatment for many of our patients. The gas is simply inhaled in combination with oxygen for the desired relaxation. The gas is very popular because no lingering sedation results, meaning you will be able to drive yourself home immediately following your dental appointment. Many patients use this means of relaxation during their routine cleanings or periodontal care.

Gum Health Leads to A Healthy You
Continued research links numerous diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even low birth weights to gum disease. We follow the latest research to implement the best treatment regimens known to arrest the gum disease processes. During your initial examination and during your continuing care examination, we will carefully check all of your gum tissues and monitor for any changes that might occur. Based on our findings, we will continually tailor a unique plan, individualized to ensure your optimal gum health. Family First Dental has licensed, fully trained hygienists who implement a regimen of care that will augment your personal efforts to rid your teeth and gums of plaque, tartar and bacteria that cause gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis), tooth decay and even loss of bone tissue under the gums.

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Gum Surgery
In situations of severe gum disease, often the only manner to try to arrest the destructive process is direct access to the problem via surgery. Other gum surgeries can be completed for cosmetic reasons or for establishing the proper tissues to protect your tooth from early loss, loss of bone or sensitivities. As a part of your comprehensive examination and during continuing care examinations, we will evaluate and monitor your gum health and advise you of any surgeries which may be beneficial to the long term health of your teeth and gums. Often, these procedures can be completed at Family First Dental.

Teeth Whitening – Wow Your Friends and Family
Teeth whitening is a safe and easy way to remove yellowing in teeth due to aging, as well as remove stains from coffee, cigarettes and tobacco use. Family First Dental uses the best in at-home bleaching kits requiring minimal time to accomplish the beautiful smile you have always wanted. Ask any of our team members today how you can get started!

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Root Canal Therapy—We can Save your Tooth!
Root canals are a wonderful, modern way to save teeth that have been damaged by fractures or tooth decay. Our ancestors would have been so happy to know about root canals! Each tooth contains a long, thin strand of dental pulp that provides the tooth with nutrients. This pulp extends down into the tooth’s root. If the pulp becomes infected or injured, however, the nerve’s of the tooth die and often, if a root canal is not performed, the tooth will have to be removed. During a root canal (which is performed using modern anesthetic techniques so there is no discomfort) a gap is drilled into the tooth’s crown and the pulp chamber, the diseased pulp is removed and the area is reshaped. The tooth is then sealed with a permanent crown made of gold, porcelain, or zirconium.

Wisdom Teeth and other tooth extractions
Otherwise known as third molars, wisdom teeth often do not have room to come into the mouth. When these teeth come in partially, they are a real potential for a life threatening infection. Wisdom teeth can also damage the good and healthy molar in front of them by causing decay, loss of bone or contributing to gum problems. When the molars remain impacted, they can develop cysts or other problems in the jaw bone. Part of our comprehensive examinations will check for the wisdom teeth and evaluate whether their removal would be beneficial for the long term health of the jaw bone and neighboring teeth. Most wisdom teeth can be removed here in our office with the use of local anesthetics combined with an optional secondary means of sedation – gas, oral medications or IV sedation. Our doctors have received the advanced trained necessary to safely and efficiently provide this procedure during an additional year of advanced clinical dentistry. We are also able to provide most other oral surgery needs for our patients, from simple extractions to bone grafting.

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Dental Implants—the bionic root of the 21st century
Dental implants are a revolutionary, modern, advanced method for replacing a lost or missing tooth. A dental implant is literally a bionic root made of titanium. The implant provides a platform for replacing the missing tooth or an anchor for a denture. They are an AMAZING way to stabilize dentures and preserve the underlying jaw bone for anyone who wears dentures. Dental implants literally restore confidence and ease for smiling, chewing, coughing, kissing or any other function of the mouth compromised by the usual looseness of dentures, partial dentures or missing teeth. After implant placement and once the bone has healed to the implant, a new tooth can be made which closely replicates a natural tooth in color, shape and function or the denture can be connected to the implant. Ask your doctor today for more information about how dental implants might benefit you, a family member or friend.

Dentures and partial dentures
Whether you wear dentures now, or your teeth have outlived their useful life, Family First Dental is prepared to address your needs. We work closely with the best technicians to fabricate teeth which are life-like and fit the jaws in the best possible manner. With time, dentures often become loose as the supporting jaw bone changes and remodels. If the teeth on the denture are still intact, the denture often only needs to have material added to fill-in the difference. This simple, usually one-day procedure, makes the dentures fit properly again, restoring confidence and chewing power. Although our vision for our patients is to keep their natural dentition throughout their life, we are prepared to help you with any needs related to dentures.

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Crowns and Bridges
Dentistry’s modern method to restore broken or worn teeth to their proper contours and prevent cracked teeth from further breakdown! Yesteryear, teeth were simply extracted when they became worn or broken. Now, Family First Dental can repair most teeth, avoiding the need for extraction, and preserving the ability to eat without pain, smile with confidence, and keep a tooth healthy. Crowns can also help with your smile, and in as short as two visits to your dentist your teeth can be transformed to be straight, the proper shape and contour and as white as you would like them. Newer materials are now available that allow crowns to be made with life-like translucency. These types of crowns do not have the dark shadow along the gum-line, common with older crowns. No longer do you have to be self-conscious when you smile because of a dark line along your gum that stands out in your photos. Bridges are an excellent manner to replace a tooth that is missing when a dental implant cannot be used to replace the tooth. Using the strength of the neighboring teeth, bridges allow a replacement tooth to fill in gaps Replacing the missing tooth allow you to chew evenly and smile fully! During your comprehensive examination and on continuing care examinations, your dentist will check your teeth carefully and microscopically for fractures developing, for broken or missing teeth that would benefit from protection or replacement. Your dentist will also advise you of the newest and strongest porcelains available to replace crowns or bridges which have become unsightly.

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Veneers are a durable, often conservative and predictable manner to alter a smile to perfection in both color, shape and design. Veneers can be as thin as 0.3mm but can have a dramatic and instantaneous effect on a tooth which is dark, has broken, has gaps or is too short. Veneers are a chosen method for business people to smile with confidence and authority or for a young adult short on esteem because of an uneven, unsightly smile and for everyone in between. Veneers usually only take two visits but in that short time, the smile of a lifetime is created! Ask today whether you would be a candidate for this smile enhancing, tooth preserving technique.

Bonding is the state of the art chemistry that has all but replaced the old silver mercury fillings. Bonding allows a composite white filling material to be chemically adhered to the natural tooth. Although bonding is susceptible to the normal wear and tear in a mouth caused by chewing and the temperature changes our mouth experiences, it is a durable method for restoring teeth. Bonding helps restore teeth to their natural shape after removal of tooth decay, return teeth to an ideal shape that have worn unevenly on the side near the gum or on the chewing surface, or to simply change or alter the shape of a tooth to match adjacent teeth. Sometimes, bonding requires no anesthesia! Bonding is our preferred method in most circumstances for restoring teeth that do not require the strength and durability of a crown.

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State of the Art Sterilization
The instruments and hand pieces we use are all sterilized using Center for Disease Control approved guidelines. We use gloves, masks, eye protection and barrier covers at all times. The safety of our patients is our number one priority.

Mercury Free Dentistry
Many patients have concerns regarding the use of mercury fillings. All of our dentists understand that and at Family First Dental we offer our patients the option of using advanced new filling materials that are tooth colored and contain no mercury, instead of traditional silver fillings. Additionally, Family First Dental scavenges all of our wastewater to ensure these metals removed from teeth are not polluting our waterways.